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This era requires you to be:

  • Resourceful: Based on clear insights in your environment, your customers and your own organisation
  • Resilient: Being able to deal with unforeseen events, making a plan B and having room to make adjustments
  • Responsive: Being ready to respond immediately to opportunities, being able to easily adapt to changes - and that applies to everyone within your organisation
  • Respectful: Operating from a clear set of ethical values, sustainable for people and nature

But how do you take the necessary steps? Every organisation is unique, and so is every innovation or transformation challenge. Yet, it's often a set of only five factors that determine the success of the projects or processes you take on to remain successful: vision, leadership, agility, implementation strength and insight. We pay close attention to these factors, each and every time we embark on a new journey.

Approach to transition process
Change capability approach
Together, we determine how to approach your challenge, discussing these 5 factors to determine the best possible approach for your specific situation. This way, we bridge the gap between your ambition and actual realisation.

5 key factors for successful change



What is your vision for the future? Do your employees see the need to take action as well?

A clear vision and accompanying strategy are crucial in uncertain, turbulent times, but also need to be communicated and supported by management and employees alike: 'everyone moving in the same direction.'



Are you able to set out a clear path to your goal? Does your organization understand the chosen direction?

Strong & committed leadership is a prerequisite for an organisation to set the right course, and, more importantly, to stay on course. Take the organisation by the hand and ensure that everyone is on board!



How well is your organisation able to change? Have you spotted all pitfalls?

A high level of adaptability means that change processes proceed more easily and successfully. Employees must experience the space for change and be involved in the process; they are the ambassadors of your change.


Implementation Strength

Is your project well organised? Are you not hindered by your existing structure?

An organisation needs sufficient strength to actually implement and embed a change. This requires not only good organizational practices but also removing legacy and choosing modern technology.


Grip & Insight

Numbers tell the tale. Are you targeting the right, relevant indicators to achieve your goals?

Being able to monitor progress is key to determine whether plans are working in practice.

The power of sustainability

The tools make the difference

We know that the combining a smart approach with the proper tooling means you can achieve impressive results in a short time. For example:

  • Inspiring Keynotes and Masterclasses about the major changes of our time, with explanation and coherence. A dazzling part of your off-site team meeting or innovation event!
  • Generate energy, insights and support in (less than a) day with a Business War Game, a Business Fit Workshop or the unique Values Game.
  • Unlock creative thinking and the full power of purpose of teams with ourBottom-up Innovation Approach.
  • Develop new products and services by applying the Double-loop Innovation concept in a structured way.
  • Map your organisation's Ability to Change to make better prepared and know upfront what barriers exist.
  • Unravel complex problems through sophisticated software solutions , for example to streamline your customer journeys.

An introductory workshop or keynote is an easy but effective way to start working together.


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