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Welcome to the First Day team! 

We help organisations to become more innovative and accelerate the transformation to a sustainable and more future-proof business model. 

Our vision

These times force organisations to shift their course towards new ambitions and objectives. Doing this is not easy in this complex and volatile world. Actual realisation often lags behind the ambition, despite substantial investments. We have a different approach. We achieve results with a smart approach and pragmatic solutions. Together with you, your team and the expertise from our network of affiliated partners.

Sustainable transformation

A sustainable society requires new processes, skills, revenue models and rules. But how do you shape that transition? Where do you start? And how shape this specifically in your sector? We work with organisations and companies that recognise the need for a different approach and want to act accordingly. Who want to contribute but may not yet know exactly where and how. 

There are several levers to consider when addressing this transformation:

  • Think of the extent to which your organisation can adapt to changing circumstances: decisive for survival! What if you can structurally increase this? The change capacity of your organisation is therefore central to our approach.
  • There is a huge potential of valuable ideas in and around the organisation. Direct involvement of employees and stakeholders works as a positive flywheel and we make sure that we make better use of the available thinking and decisiveness. No more than logical!
  • A digitally agile organisation is better able to innovate and adapt. We manage projects that contribute to the modernisation of the ICT landscape and the reduction of complexity.
  • The well-being of employees, especially in a period of change, is an important precondition. Commitment, insight into competences and being able to make a real contribution to success are central.

We take in our projects the perspective of 'Multiple Value Creation': not just focus on financial and economic value, but also on social and ecological value. From short-term thinking to long-term vision and from 1-dimensional growth to multi-dimensional bloom!


  • A future-proof organisation
  • Meaningful products and services
  • More societal value 
  • More vital, happier and better performing staff

Core Values

  • Thoughtful
  • Sustainable
  • Supportive
  • Innovative

Our approach

We approach topics and challenges from 5 different angles – the critical aspects of organisational change that significantly increase the chances of success both before and during the process. And start by asking these questions: 

  • Do we have a clear Vision and ‘real’ strategy?
  • Is our Leadership committed to execute?
  • Is our organisation sufficiently Adaptable? Can we change? Are we aware of barriers & bottlenecks?
  • Do we have the Power to Exceute and the support to actually see it through?
  • And can we organise this in such a way that maintain enough Grip & Insight to keep on track and know when we are successful?

Our approach is therefore not 'one size fits all' but bespoke to your situation. For example, we can generate energy in one afternoon with a Business War Game and determine a first strategic direction. We involve teams and employees through our Bottom-up Innovation approach. A measurement of the Organisational Adaptability provides concrete information on how we should shape the implementation in order to maximize the chance of success. 

Do we leave it to you once there is a plan? That's not our intent. We manage the implementation and take responsibility for the result. In doing so, we work closely with specialised partners who offer specific tools or solutions, including:

Themes and Solutions

Our themes reflect the way we look at an organisation.  It's the lens we use to define an area of ​​focus or capability in which you to be successful. These themes translate who we are, what we consider important and where our expertise lies:

  • Sustainable Transformation
  • Intrapreneurship & Bottom up innovation
  • Organisational Adaptability 
  • Serious Gaming 
  • Digital agility
  • Mental Fitness & wellbeing 

Together we can make a difference in innovation & transformation.  If you want to know more about how our team can support you with your challenge, please do not hesitate to contact us directly through LinkedIn or send an email to We'll be happy to talk to you!

Our Customers

We work for a wide range of clients: SME+ companies, educational institutions and government agencies. Building upon our extensive experience we are in addition active in many areas in the financial services sector: from InsurTech start- & scale-ups to established banks and (re-)insurers. All our customers are looking to to further develop their organisation based on a no-nonsense approach. No thick reports or beaten tracks, but acting now and getting things done! 


Onno Bloemers

Onno Bloemers

About Onno helps organisations to embark in new directions. Onno has a broad experience in delivering organisational change & scalable innovation in complex environments, bringing clarity, consensus and results. For the last 10 years, Onno has played key roles in fundamental transformation in the insurance sector, enhancing traditional insurance solutions with safety and prevention concepts. The challenge is not the idea by itself but scaling up to a full-fledged business model. His extensive experience with strategy, innovation & implementation is equally relevant in other sectors.

Experience Strategy & Innovation, Insurance & InsurTech, Project & Program management, Prevention & Safety Concepts

Contact or +31 6 20 80 01 90

Leon Veenhuijzen

Leon Veenhuijzen

About Leon Veenhuijzen is an innovative, enterprising and driven professional who does not shy away from challenges and is fascinated by working with people. The world is on the move it is a challenge for many organisations to respond to this. Creative ideas and methods are Leon's answer. Leon is actively involved in various companies that are looking for new ways to to translate strategy into action. Raised and trained by large renowned, professional business service providers where thorough analysis and working solutions are "normal". Driven from a background as an officer in the Royal Netherlands Navy, where teamwork and achievement are synonymous with survival. He now uses this background to facilitate change with various forms of (war) gaming. Leon also has experience as a trainer and has published various white papers and articles.

Experience Translating strategy into action, Serious Gaming, designing and improving processes and chains; Managing and coaching people; Project and change management.

Contact or +31 6 12 74 67 34

Robert Witteveen

Robert Witteveen

About Robert Witteveen is the person you have to talk to when addressing innovation. Robert has been the founder of many large and small innovative concepts based on his keen eye and razor sharp vision. He is familiar with a wide range of modern techniques to bring an idea to realization. In addition, Robert is has a track record in transforming traditional, conservative environments towards modern, innovative culture.

Experience Customer driven innovation, facilitating complex innovation issues, applying modern innovation techniques and finally an extensive network in start-up & scale-up ecosystem.

Contact or +31 6 19 85 90 98

Bervin Janssen

Bervin Janssen

About Bervin brings the energy required for successful change and adoption. Innovative, connecting the dots and always looking for the added value, the benefits: for individuals, teams and of course customers. Through this he encourages employees and teams to think and act 'out of the box’. Bervin allows individual talents to be heard and facilitates teams to work together to achieve their goals. Relentless focus on the synergy between talent and business development.

Experience Strategy, Insurance, Commerce, Coaching, Team Development, Connecting, Decision Making

Contact or +31 6 43 19 72 07


Together we can make a difference in innovation & transformation.  If you want to know more about how our team can support you with your challenge, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We'll be happy to talk to you!