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An change of era

Our new reality forces organisations to reconsider their business model and working methods.  First Day Advisory Group helps in the search for future-proof, sustainable business models and contributes to the successful realisation of these with innovative solutions.

Our approach is based on 5 critical success factors for successful transformation. We offer solutions tailored to the contemporary challenges of our customers. And work closely with qualified Partners, each with their own specialty.

Sustainable Change is needed

With this approach we close the dreaded gap between ambition and realisation, based on the following: 

  • From 'more, more, more' to 'good, better, best'
  • From quantity to quality
  • From only growth ambitions to value development
  • From 'result driven' to 'purpose driven'

Core Values:

  • Thoughtful
  • Sustainable
  • Supportive
  • Innovative

Together we can make a difference in innovation & transformation.  If you want to know more about how our team can support you with your challenge, please do not hesitate to contact us directly through LinkedIn or send an email to We'll be happy to talk to you!

About ambitions, adaptability and execution power

Many companies and organizations have great ambitions - a dream or vision, refining the strategy, improving the internal culture or implementing a new system. A lot of time and resources are invested in renewing and changing processes, systems and culture. 

The cycle is well-known: there is a need for transformation, an attractive perspective, plans are formed, working groups are formed, presentations are given and often external parties are hired to guide the desired change: Change management. And so the journey begins from point A - the current situation - to point B: the goal.

The only constant is poorly implemented change

However, actual results from many change processes are disappointing. Time and again, leading research confirms that in up to 80% of cases, a change process does not have the desired result. Despite impressive methods, step-by-step plans, visions and techniques. This high percentage of failed transformations has actually remained unchanged in the past 45 years. So it is not that the only constant factor is change, but rather that it is a poorly implemented change. And instead of ending up in point B, the organization gets unfortunately stuck in point A’.

5 success factors for change

The reasons for this can be traced back to 5 critical aspects of organisational change that significantly increase the chances of success both before and during the process. These 5 success factors relate to Vision, Leadership, Adaptability, Power to Execute and Grip & insight:

• Do we have a clear vision and ‘real’ strategy? 
• Is our Leadership committed to execute? 
• Is our organisation sufficiently adaptable? Can we change? Are we aware of barriers & bottlenecks? 
• Do we have the power and the support to actually see it through & execute?
• And can we organise this in such a way that we keep on track and know when we are successful? 

And remember that in many cases, starting point A is in fact the unintended ending point A’ of a previous, unsuccessful transformation!

First Day helps its clients to close the Gap

We increase the chance of success by always consciously paying attention to these 5 critical success factors that determine a successful transformation. We offer distinctive, proven solutions tailored to today's challenges. This way we deliver tangible contributions and concrete solutions. The combined experience of our team gives more than 100 years of knowledge and experience in the field of complex change.

Our team 


If you want to know more about our approach and how our team can support you with your challenge, please do not hesitate to contact us through